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Robert Arnold Johnson

Robert Arnold JohnsonRobert Arnold Johnson, MD, has practiced psychiatry in Walla Walla since 2007. He will be retiring in May 2017, but not for the first time: in 2001, he retired from the practice of cardiology.

Poetry and literary fiction have been fascinations since preschool, and remain so to this day; while living in Boston as a young physician he became impassioned with the visual arts, classical music, and opera. A current theme of his intellectual life is how a theory of aesthetics might be grounded in the adaptive, pro-social affects of grief, joy, and love.

He is the father of three daughters, and grandfather to five grandchildren. He has been married to the violinist and writer Susan Eileen Pickett since 1989.



Susan Eileen Pickett

Susan Eileen PickettSusan Pickett, PhD, is a musician and a writer. As a violinist she performed concerti and solo recitals for fifty years.

She recently published the first biography about the composer Marion Bauer and her sister, the famed music critic Emilie Frances Bauer. Susan is an internationally recognized expert on women composers and has published dozens of editions of their music and recorded three CDs; she has also published three music theory textbooks. Her next project is a biography about the Seattle Symphony Composer-in-Residence (Emeritus), Dr. Samuel Jones.

Susan is the Catharine Chism Professor of Music at Whitman College. She is married to Robert Arnold Johnson, MD, a psychiatrist.



Patrick Henry

Patrick HenryPatrick Henry is Cushing Eells Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Literature at Whitman College, where he taught French and French literature from 1976-2002. He has published books on Voltaire, Camus, Montaigne, and La Princesse de Clèves.

More recently, in 2007, Patrick published We Only Know Men: The Rescue of Jews in France during the Holocaust (The Catholic University of America Press) which has been translated and published in France as La Montagne des Justes (Éditions Privat, 2010).

In 2014, Patrick published his edited volume, Jewish Resistance Against the Nazis (The Catholic University of America Press). He has just completed a play entitled Auschwitz and After, based on Charlotte Delbo’s book of the same title. Its first performance reading took place in the Gesa Theater in Walla Walla, WA in January, 2016.